November 5, 2020: Ryan Fitzpatrick from Magnet Forensics

Join us as at our November 5th meeting and get a peek into the world of digital investigative technology and new age software solutions used to solve international crime!

Software developer Ryan Fitzpatrick will talk about how pioneering Waterloo company Magnet Forensics is making it harder to get away with crime.

With a goal to transform policing and public safety for the 21st century, Magnet Forensics develops and sells digital-forensics software to over 4,000 government agencies and other organizations with investigative authorities in 93 countries worldwide.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Magnet Forensics’ software has been used by authorities in all sorts
of cases—from child sexual exploitation to assault, domestic disputes, online threats and bullying, other violent crimes, and even counterterrorism. One of its most high-profile cases
where its software played an integral role, was in the Boston Marathon bomber investigation.

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